Mexico City

Get to know all the highlights of the amazing capital of Mexico.  Thanks to our private program you will have a very good idea what ‘cdmx’ (as the Mexicans call their capital) is like.

This is our Mexico City basic program with our wonderful Volcano trekking trip to the Popocatepl national park, the city of Puebla and Cholula.


Oaxaca stands for a wonderful mix of indigenous vibes, particular local market and very colourful landscapes.  Discover the best of Oaxaca in this encounter.

Do you want to discover remote beaches, amazing bays and see the amazing turtles in the amazing coasts of Oaxaca?. Then this program is definetely what your all looking for!

Combine the wonderful mix of indigenious local culture with the most beautiful beaches of Oaxaca to have a very complete experience in the state of Oaxaca.


This first discovery will show you all the highlights of the very green state Chiapas. Beside wonderful waterfalls,  San Juan Chamula and archeaological sites like Palenque.

This program starts with Chiapas basic, followed with the wonderwul archeological sites Yachilan, Bonampak and a first experience in the Lacandona jungle.

If you want a full experience in the state of Chiapas, this will be your program. Explore parque Las Nubes and have a very special experience in another part of the jungle: Las Guacamayas!


In this program you will see the two most known archeological sites: Chichen Itza and Tulum. If you want to combine a beach holiday with a good introduction into the local culture, this is your big deal!

Thanks to this program you will get to know all the most important highlights of the Yucatan Peninsula. In this part you will discover Merida and surroungs beside the basic program.